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Area of ​​Expertise - Chemical information

Short word from the first letters of several words as an abbreviated form of a phrase, e.g. NMR = Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, PDF = Portable Document Format.

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Life Sciences Acronyms5 min.

BiochemistryBiological foundations

The page presented here is not a learning unit, it offers a download option for the PDF "Acronyms of the Life Sciences". It contains nearly 1,500 acronyms and abbreviations in their German and English translations from the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and toxicology.

Subproject P12 & # 8211 Postdoctoral Project: Quantum-to-Continuum Model of Thermoset Fracture

(Third Party Funds Group & ndash Sub project)

Overall project: Cross-scale fracture processes: Integration of mechanics, materials science, mathematics, chemistry and physics (FRASCAL)
Project leader: Ana-Suncana Smith, Erik Bitzek, Sebastian Pfaller
Project members: Christian Wick
Start date: January 2, 2019
End date: June 30, 2023
Acronym: GRK2423 - P12
Funding source: DFG / Research Training Group (GRK)


Fracture is an inherently multiscale process in which processes at all
Length and timescales can contribute to the dissipation of energy and
thus determine the fracture toughness. While the individual processes
can be studied by specifically adapted simulation methods, the interplay
between these processes can only be studied by using concurrent
multiscale modeling methods. While such methods already exist for
inorganic materials as metals or ceramics, no similar methods
have been established for polymers yet.