Vitamin A

Vitamin A

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Complete Hoffmann-La Roche synthetic route

In 1952, BASF AG began to develop an industrially applicable vitamin A synthesis. The decision to do so was made because at that time the raw materials from petrochemicals were available in-house.

In addition, it was already apparent at this point that the new area of ​​work with the terpenoid intermediates it contained would open up economic access to other vitamins, fragrances and natural food colors. In addition, BASF had a lot of experience in dealing with ethyne and, more generally, with unsaturated organic compounds.

On the other hand, several technical processes for vitamin A synthesis had already been developed and implemented on an industrial scale. The first technical vitamin A synthesis was developed at Hoffman-La Roche, for example, in which a C14- with a C6Block is combined.

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